Cancun Travel Guide

Cancun Vacation Travel Guide- A complete travel guide to the most important international destination in the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun vacations travel guide
Every year, about 4 million visitors from all over the world are attracted to its crystalline turquoise sea filled with colorful fish and coral reefs as well as soft white sandy beaches. Check out why Cancun is one of the best vacation spots with this brief travel and vacation guide.
Cancun is the preferred  beach destination in Mexico for many reasons. It features so many amazing things that it is the perfect place for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a business convention or friends vacation.
In Cancun you will find different hotel options to plan your vacation: from budget to luxury hotels. Book your vacation in each one of our options. We have the best deals for Cancun Vacations:

Romantic Vacations in Cancun

Diving in Cancun and Cozumel

As a Cancun Travel and Vacation Guide, we can tell you there exist many diving centers that offer unique experiences into the rich waters of this destination as well as Cozumel which is home to the second world’s largest barrier reef with an incredible marine life. You can select from diving  in the Caribbean Sea to the cenotes or caverns.

You can choose from a complete range of scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing activities. Check out all our tours for these activities.

One of our favorite videos about diving in Cancun:



Cancun Bars and Nightclubs

Coco Bongo is a huge party venue located in the bustling Cancun hotel area. Multi-level seating, Rock and Roll and Salsa Bands comprise the Coco Bongo club. Also on offer is a musical mix journeying through 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance, Trace and Hip Hop. But there also exist entertaining shows: flying acrobats, conga lines, movie clips projected onto high tech video screens and live bands.

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Vacation activities- explore public beaches

Mayan Explore Cancun Vacation Experts Travel Guide knows what travelers are looking for during their vacations in Cancun. You will find a few public beaches that are less quiet but just as nice. These include: Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas which can be found on the beaches between the hotel area and Isla Mujeres. Remarkably, it is probably the best area for snorkeling.


public beach in Cancun


Opposite Sr. Frogs, you will see another public beach in Cancun called Playa Chac-
Mool; if you are looking for an amazing view of the Caribbean sea, then head to Playa Delfines, which is located by the Iberostar hotel. Just across the road from Playa Delfines lies a small Mayan ruin called “El Rey” well worth a quick visit.

Pick up some maps at the airport, which are useful and have lots of discounts on many of the restaurants and nightclubs.

Cancun Travel

Cancun Vacations

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